Question: What is the difference between RGB 2835 and RGB 5050+?

Answer: LuxLuxury LED strip comes in two models. The RGB 2835 model is equipped with a 28mm x 35mm single chip every 3 cm. The RGB 5050+ model however features a 50mm x 50mm tri chip every 3 cm. Tri chip means it has the ability to mix the three colors red, green and blue, and therefore enable the user to make their own colors (including white and warm white). This is not possible with the RGB 2835 model, it can only display red, green or blue. Both versions have adjustable brightness and are compatible with the mobile app.

Question: Is the strip waterproof?

Answer: No the LuxLuxury LED strip does not currently feature a waterproof version.

Question: Can I cut the strip to make it fit my room better?

Answer: The LuxLuxury is equipped with a smart fit feature which allows for the user to cut it and connect it with other pieces.

Question: Can I make my own colors?

Answer: Yes, LuxLuxury provides you with a specially engineered app, suited for your personal preferences. One of it's many functions is customizable colors.

Question: How do I get one strip to connect to another one at the end?

Answer: Every LuxLuxury roll has a small connector on the end of it. You push the little connector into one of the other strips connector. We don't recommend connecting more than three 15 ft (5 m) rolls to eachother.
Question: Will I get the right power socket for my country?

Answer: Yes, we here at Bluetoothmasters ofcourse take care of this, and incase something is wrong you have a 30 day money back guarantee.