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Crisp Colors

With both the RGB 2835 and 5050 version you get some of the sharpest and richest colors.

Mix your own colors

With the RGB 5050 version you can mix exclusive colors suited for your exact need in the bluetooth connected mobile app.

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The end result is ofcourse luxurious as always!

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Customer satisfaction

We never wanna let our customers down and are constantly trying to improve, therefore we have one of the best customer services out there.


The LuxLuxury is overall a great trustworthy product and company, even though the name is kinda weird. Anyway, onto the review. The mobile app, to control the bluetooth strip, is very intuitive and works perfectly. It even has an option that to put music on your mobile while pulsing at the rhythm of music. I got the more expensive 5050 version, even though I had asked for the normal one, didn't have to pay extra though. Very good service and product. Order 31/5 and received 11/6.


Amazing product! I bought it to decorate my house, and it looks really nice. One thing I love is the DIY color changing. I can choose the color I want from tons of colors they have. And you can even add it to your own home page in the app, so when you want to change color, you can easily see the color you chose before and just select it. It's extremely convenient. The last thing I want to say is worth the extra money to get this kind of high quality product. I spent 69.95 USD on the 10m version, and I'm glad I did after hearing about all the problems my friends had with different cheap trash products. 10/10 recommend.


Unboxing the LuxLuxry lights I didn’t know what to expect, but once I got started, putting them up on the wall it was very easy. As soon as you turn these lights on you can see the quality and work they've put into this product. They will light up a whole room and give you the ambience you're looking for. There is an app you use to connect to the lights via bluetooth, very clever. That way you won't have to keep up with the remote. I don’t know about you but that’s a great plus in my book. You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.

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